Base Stats:
HP: 80
Attack: 82
Defense: 100
Sp. Atk: 83
Sp. Def: 100
Speed: 80

Type: Grass

Overgrow: Increases the power of Grass moves by 50% when at 1/3 health or lower.
Leaf Guard (DW only): Prevents status from afflicting it in Sunny weather. Does not block self-induced status aside from Rest.

Level-up moves:
Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Synthesis, Reflect, Magical Leaf, Natural Gift, Petal Dance, Sweet Scent, Light Screen, Body Slam, Aromatherapy, Solarbeam

TM/HM moves:
Toxic, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Hyper Beam, Protect, Safeguard, Frustration, Earthquake, Return, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Attract, Canon, Echo Voice, Energy Ball, Giga Impact, Flash, Swords Dance, Level Ground, Dragon Tail, Grass Knot, Swagger, Substitute, Cut, Rock Smash, Strength

Egg moves:
Ancientpower, Counter, Flail, Grasswhistle, Healing Beam, Ingrain, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Nature Power, Refresh, Vine Whip, Wring Out

Tutored Moves:
Grass Oath, Frenzy Plant

4th Gen only:
Fury Cutter, Headbutt, Mud-Slap, Outrage, Seed Bomb, Role Play, Snore, Worry Seed, Roar, Bullet Seed, Giga Drain, Iron Tail, Secret Power, Captivate, Sleep Talk, Rock Climb

In comparison to his fellow GSC brethren, Meganium is definitely a mixed bag. Relying on defensive powers instead of muscling his way through, Meganium faced stiff competition from similiar Grass starter Venusaur due to the latter's immunity to Poison, neutrality to Bug and Poison, as well as a higher Sp. Attk stat and access to Power Whip and Sleep Powder.

In Gen V, the distinction between the two have become more pronounced. Venasaur got Chlorophyll as well as having receiving a boon in the boost to Growth, making it much more deadly.

Meganium on the other hand, while receiving little more moves to add to its already defensive movepool, got a solid ability in Leaf Guard, finally allowing him to bask in the glory of status immunity aside from Substitute.

Unfortunately? Getting Leaf Guard has some heavy costs. Since it's likely that Chikorita from DW will be Male, in keeping the trend with the other starters released so far, it means Meganium loses out on a lot of very useful moves, such as Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Leaf Storm and Flail, greatly reducing its offensive potential and meaning it can't pull off Subseeding anymore.

Still, Meganium got other perks. The new move Dragon Tail is great for him, since it can now phaze off opponents with fairly good defensive stats. His natural support movepool is still great, with Screens, Aromatherapy, Synthesis and Body Slam, and got a boost in Petal Dance's power. Those not running Leaf Guard also get access to the boosted Giga Drain.

Overall, Meganium is still a decent choice for anyone needing support. A great support movepool, passable offenses and a decent speed rating for a cleric allows Meganium to stand its ground, even if it has a lot of obstacles in its way, including a poorish defensive typing and many movepool situations. It might have disadvantages compared to Uxie, Cresselia, Blissey and the like, but it still has its own standouts over each of them individually.

Generally, despite Leaf Guard being a good ability, Meganium should generally be running Overgrow, as it gains a lot of movepool options by doing so.


Screen Support
@Light Clay
252HP, 252Def/SDef, 4SDef/Def
~Light Screen
~Leech Seed
~Dragon Tail/Body Slam/Leaf Storm/Giga Drain

Meganium has good 83/100/100 defenses and access to Screens, which make it a decent choice as a Dual Screener. Leech Seed further augments its staying power while sapping opponents of their health. Leaf Storm and Seed Bomb are its options for an offensive move, Leaf Storm has more power, and is great for Meganiums who come in, set up Screens, hit one or two Pokemon with Leech Seed and hit them hard before switching out. Giga Drain has a good new BP, allows Meganium to keep alive even longer, and has some synergy with Overgrow should you ever need it. Body Slam is a great option, and allows Meganium to support your team further by potentially paralyzing potential threats and likely racking up a bit more residual damage as well. Dragon Tail might seem counterproductive with Leech Seed, but it allows Meganium to make a decent shuffler for Spikes-based teams, as Leech Seed can force a few switches and Dragon Tail swaps your opponent's team around, resulting in quite a bit of residual damage. Adjust the nature accordingly, depending on which stat you want to boost (Bold/Impish for Def, Calm/Careful for SDef), and which attack move you're running (Bold/Calm for Leaf Storm/Giga Drain, Impish/Careful for Dragon Tail/Body Slam).

One should be wary of Tentacruel if not running Dragon Tail, as the jellyfish can pack Liquid Ooze to make things annoying. Meganium can run Earthquake, but it's generally a very unorthodox option.

A Leaf Guard set is possible for those playing a Sun-Stall team, but a few modifications have to be made. Meganium can't run Leech Seed, so will likely be running Toxic for damage. The fourth move slot can be Dragon Tail, which is more attractive now that you don't have to worry about Leech Seed and now you can spread Toxic around if you don't have Toxic Spikes up. Synthesis is also an option, and works great for those using Meganium in a Sunny Day team already. Petal Dance is Meganium's best remaining offense, but is a poor choice on something not meant to be a sweeper in the first place; Energy Ball would likely be the better choice. Body Slam is a less attractive choice if you're running Toxic, too.

248HP,128Def, 128SDef, 4Spd
~Body Slam
~Leech Seed/Dragon Tail

Meganium is an extremely sturdy cleric, and is one of the few with access to a recovery move as well. The idea is still pretty simple; switch Meganium in when you need to, Aromatherapy, recover health if you need to. You can then attempt to parahax, or Seed and run or phaze a little.

The EVs here are for balanced defenses, but one can easily alter them to create a more specialised defensive set if one wishes. 248HP allows maximum Leftovers recovery.

Once again, a Leaf Guard set is possible, just noting that Leech Seed can't be used.

@Salac Berry
252Att, 252Spd, 4HP
~Seed Bomb
~Swords Dance

An old and rarely used set from the 4th gen. This set definitely requires Overgrow, as it greatly boosts Overgrow and the main moves on this set are 4th gen only anyway.

One basically Subs and Dances till Salac range, then sweep with a 200BP Flail and a 180BP Seed Bomb (after Overgrow and STAB). If one is very confident in Meganium's ability to take hits and think they can predict well enough to get Meganium into Salac range without Substitute, Earthquake can be used for more coverage, but is very risky.

The increased prevalence of priority and weather definitely hurts this set a lot. Meganium's Attack set isn't really that great either, though it has good BP for its moves and its stats and typing allow it to take weak priority, especially Aqua Jet.

Defensive Phazer
252HP, 128SDef, 128Def
~Sleep Talk
~Dragon Tail

An unorthodox set, but can be very annoying to take down and can be very frustrating in the hands of a SpikeStacking team. Dragon Tail bounces opponents around, Aromatherapy allows Meganium to act as a cleric, but the main synergy lies with Sleep Talk. Sleep Talk has a 2/3 chance of letting Meganium wake up instantly, allowing it to recover yet again or phaze the opponents with normal priority. With some luck Meganium can last a long time, and opponents can't even set up on it at the risk of being forced out by Dragon Tail at any time.

Overgrow is a must for this set, since Sleep Talk is 4th gen only.
Poor Meganium just dont get any attentnion at all. She is literally the worst of all starters....even if her design was so gd. Well, i suppose body slam/dragon tail/Energy ball/synthesis could work
edit: I was wrong, Assist was the move that can't pick Dragon Tail. Probably for a good reason.
Sleep Talk CAN pick Dragon Tail.


Volt turn in every tier! I'm in despair!
^Aren't you thinking of assist? Or does Pokemon Online have it wrong? Sleep talk can choose dragon tail there...
I was about to make a thread about my favorite poke, Meganium...
Ok, i wasn't. But Meganium IS my favorite one. Good G/S/C days...

Anyway, it got Dragon Tail... and Healing Beam for doubles/triples, and that's it. Good job Gamefreak. At least give Spore to it (because i said so). And Butterfly Dance. Yes, a dinosaur dancing like a butterfly. Too cool to pass up.

Out of all the sets, i like the Dragon Tail one (though anything with Sub ruins it completely).
I feel bad for Meganium. Crappy typing for OU and meh stats (it gets outclassed by so many things defensively) sort of screws it over.

Oh well. Dragon Tail is nice, even if a lot of other things got it...
Screen set should have Synthesis or Toxic over Leech Seed, and Dragon Tail in the third slot. Doesn't make much sense to shuffle with Dragon Tail if you've got Leech Seed on the set.
Perfect example of how gamefreak hates its aesthetically pleasing designs. Arguably the worst starter ever. 80/100/100 isn't all that great, but i can definitely attest to the effectiveness of spike stacking and restalk/d-tail because i do it with dialga in ubers, even though dialga has great defenses with better typing and bulk up so it's kinda apples and oranges.
Once again Meganium will land in lower UU, if it's lucky. I don't see GFs precious Fire-type starters getting this treatment...
First if all I would like to say I used megawasteofspace in soulsilver, and it was the only starter I EVER found useless, it didn't do shit! It's design is really nice though, one of the best in pokemon history IMO.

But yeah, what's the point of both dragon tail and leech seed on the same set? Isn't that kinda silly, I mean u put a seed on them then u switch them out...or am I missing the point...
First if all I would like to say I used megawasteofspace in soulsilver, and it was the only starter I EVER found useless, it didn't do shit! It's design is really nice though, one of the best in pokemon history IMO.

But yeah, what's the point of both dragon tail and leech seed on the same set? Isn't that kinda silly, I mean u put a seed on them then u switch them out...or am I missing the point...
You could Leech Seed on the switch, then they might switch out and you can Dragon Tail, racking up extra residual damage.
honestly, since it won't be doing squat, I would just take my chances and use grasswhistle (provide it with zoom lens). If it hits great, if not...(well wat else could it do). If hit, leech seed the incoming poke. or spread poison with dragon tail and toxic, or as mentioned b4, set up screens. basically, she'll want to weaken foes for a powerful ally sweeper.
or counter...for that potential OHKO.
Defensive Phazer
252HP, 128SDef, 128Def
~Sleep Talk
~Dragon Tail

This has got to be my favorite set ever. I really think it has some interesting potential. I may try it in an OU team and see how it rolls, but otherwise, I really dont see much use for Meganium.

I am REALLY surprised though. I mean, this is my least favorite starter (besides torchik) in the entire series, and I always thought it was the most boring design for a starter. I NEVER would have guessed that so many people believe that meganium (or the entire chikorita family for that matter) was a great pokemon design. It just seems so boring to me.

Although, after looking at it again, I can kind of see why... yet it still sits at the bottom of the starter pokemon totem pole (design wise) for me... Eh. Whatever. To each their own.
Hes probably one of the better starters in doubles / triples if you like that sort of thing. Good variety of support, such as healing beam, aroma therapy, screens, and grass oath if you wanna build your team around that. In regular play.. ehh hes not going anywhere really. On the cleric set I would think giga drain should get a quick mention. With its improved power it can still do decent damage to waters and such, as well as help keep meganium alive for a bit. I would use it over synthesis personally, and let giga drain + leech seed heal me (walled by grass types but meh... thats what dragon tail is for).

Quick Note: Its hard to get healing beam & aroma therapy, but it is possible. Gotta breed a chansey with a cherrim, and then breed that cherrim with meganium.
Last gen I ran a swords dance set with:

Meganium @ Life orb
Adamant, 252 Atk, 252 spe
-Seed bomb
-swords dance

Yes, meganium gets outrage. Anyway, it's pretty self explanatory. Chikorita is my favourite starter (Unless XD Eevee counts), but Meganium was designed as a defensive pokemon, and with all these base 120+ now running around, It just can't keep up unfortunately
Even when looking at stats, Meganium is just a Venusaur, but with worse typing and a crap movepool. I could see the cleric set (Aromatherapy/Synthesis) work on a sunny day team, or the Defensive Phazer set, but that's about it. A SD set could work because of the surprise factor, but I think that's a bit too tricky. I'd stick to the more defensive options.
Meganium is destined for UU
sunny day is destined for UU
the rain is just so much better and honestly Meganium can only be good in the sun
his ability in the sun isnt good
its just that otherwise he will be compete crap
any set he runs has to be defensive
perhaps an sd set will work
but thats doubtful because he wont be common enough for people not to expect it
The EVs are wrong, you need 252 HP/80 Def /176 SDef/4 Spe with a Bold nature for equal defences. I'm liking the RestTalk shuffler set, does Aromatherapy wake the user from sleep when selected with Sleep Talk?
I've been using Meganium on my team and it is doing great with counter/outrage/dragon tail/ reflect. I will probably change its moveset later, because outrage isn't that good, but it is nice surprising the unfortunately common dragon types with a super effective attack.

It is definitely an UU pokemon though, but it is bulky and has nice resistances, like ground and water, can survive super effective attacks that don't have stab and, from what I've seen, takes down fighting types with ease. It has its uses, just don't expect it to be the absolute wall.
Like so many others are saying, I love Meganium's design, but for stats and moves... Well, Counter and Dragon Tail give her a couple toys over something like Celebi (along with no Pursuit weakness), but compared to Recover, Natural Cure, and Thunder Wave, Celebi wins even as a pure defensive Pokemon, never mind that it can also do offense just fine. If only Meganium at least had Sleep Powder, she'd have a solid niche since nothing else has 75% accurate sleep and dual screens at the same time [edit: while not being as slow or as frail on the special side as Exeggutor, forgot about that], but GrassWhistle just doesn't cut it.

Still, I do really love that Sleep Talk set with Aromatherapy and Dragon Tail--that's an excellent creative idea, basically like Suicune with the B/W twist of combining phazing and damage into one move, then wisely using the extra slot to cycle through healing faster. Meganium doesn't have the defensive prowess of Suicune, but for what she does have, that seems like it's as good as it gets. I think it's also a set completely unique to Meganium, which is cool. Just from a glance at the list of all users of Aromatherapy and Heal Bell, I believe the only other one who can phaze is Granbull, who has trash for defenses and can only Roar instead of Dragon Tail anyway. (Not even Bayleef can do it since it can't learn Dragon Tail until after evolving.)

One comment on the cleric set: max Leftovers recovery comes from 204 HP EVs (or 208 to handle one more turn of poison, entry hazards, etc.), not 248. 248 is to get HP to as high an odd number as possible.
If only Meganium at least had Sleep Powder, she'd have a solid niche since nothing else has 75% accurate sleep and dual screens at the same time
Exeggutor learns those 3 moves.

Meganium's major problem is just its averageness all over the board. It's defenses are nice but unspectacular, counteracted out by a fairly mediocre defensive typing. Its not incredibly slow but nowhere near fast, and its attacking stats are decidedly mediocre and it has a craptastic movepool.

Also notice how ever starter introduced after Meganium has at least one solid attacking stat.


Banned deucer.
Yeah but exxegutor has more weaknesses and less bulk poke.

But you're right, meganium's worthless.

Cradily-like defenses, without recover, rock type, or anti phazing ability.

In fact, just use cradily.

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